September 5, 2018

Artist Radar: 'Apocalypse EP', 80M

Our seismometer alerted us to some massive vibes coming from Texas, USA...

By: Hanz Ford

80M (pronounced AD.M) has been grinding hard during the past 6 years in Texas, USA. Creating quite the buzz in 2018, hit after hit, from style to style, with his own unique take. He recently ranked 2nd in the Sonic Academy Dom Kane remix contest to confirm the noise surrounding the alias. Our seismometer rang true with the latest few releases from this up-and-coming talent. The team decided it was time to reach out and meet 80M, explore his beginings and approach to music.

On the 24th of August, 80M released the Apocalypse EP onto the world. Some apply destruction and the end of times to the term. However, the literal translation of the word from its greek roots is “revelation”, “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling “ . A term much more suting to what can be described as the pinnacle of 80M’s music thus far.

Track one Invasion answers a question on many of our minds, are we alone? Subtly, distorted sounds rise from below. Glitching and deforming like an alien language, as a rising snare ignites the energy into the first of many soul-crunching drops. Beating your senses with basslines, each fighting for dominance on the dance floor, these invaders have announced their presence to humanity through complex sound design and 4 to the floor madness.

It is clear we are in trouble. To further those worries, this EP begins it’s Abduction of the dance floor, the only question remains… are they here to harm? Or, make us dance fearlessly? The saftey nets, so flimsily defended, were breeched by the inevitable invasion we all ponder about. An alarm sounds off as eerie noises surround the senses. A truly out of this world drop forces groove onto the abducted dance floor, giving each listener a new common expeirence of hearing sounds from some future advanced civilization. Wild pulses and raspy leads flip this track from side to side as this sonic space ship crusies the sound waves. With rhythms this undeniable, it is clear: these creatures are merely obsersving the effect of cosmic bass lines on human subjects.

The little experiment we unexpectedly found ourselves in draws to a close as the creature observing our species’ dance moves decides to exit with a bang. Track 3, Fallen, starts with a catchy beat as unerving synths rise and wind around us. The third drop to blow our minds does so because human brains aren’t wired to process the higher dimensional speech of these creatures. Our brain interprets it into bouncing bass shots dancing with that catchy beat offered at the start. As the ship begins its lift off from earth, it does so with grace introducing hypnotic melodies to dazzle the listeners into a state of bliss. As the track closes, we are left wondering what just happened. Feeling alive, as if something unknown and new had been felt by our senses and 15 minutes we can not account for… The only logical next move, would be to press repeat and listen to the earth shaking sounds coming from 80M.

Hanz Ford: Hello 80M! How has your summer been so far?

80M: Pretty good! Really hot weather this summer down here in Texas. But I’ve been getting a lot of stuff done, one of my most productive summers haha.

HF: Congratulations on this mind blowing EP, it is a heavier avenue then the styles you usually play in, What was the inspiration behind Apocalypse?

80M: Thank you! I got inspired to make something with a darker/heavier vibe when I discovered the artist Slatin. He was my main inspiration for my track Fallen, but I also wanted the rest of my EP to resonate with that vibe. Also I wanted to let everyone know that I’m not straying away from heavier/ bass type stuff.

HF: How long did this EP take to complete? did you have a handful of songs you picked from?

80M: The production of the songs didn’t take long, what did take long was for me to create artwork/branding that I was satisfied with haha.

HF: Abuduction is a huge track, my favourite on the EP, how did this track start out?

80M: I started making this track after I bought the synth FM8 and started messing around with it. I was experimenting with it by automating different parameters. There’s a lot of automation behind the scenes with that track.

HF: What can we expect from you in the next few months?

80M: Expect a few singles here and there, no big releases quite yet. Just stuff to give me time to work on my next EP.

HF: One last question, would you like to come on for an episode of LV??

80M: I would love to!

You heard it here first! Stay tuned for 80M’s own episode with a full sound dive and interview!

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