September 1, 2018

Limitless Vibrations Remix Competition!

Get involved in our remix competition and become part of future podcasts and more... FREE original track download and parts.

By: Deadly Custard

It’s about time we had a little audience participation don’t you think? We thought what better way to get you all involved than with a remix competition, and what better tune to remix than that of the Limitless Vibrations intro theme. Yes, it is actually a whole track full of interesting soundscapes created some time ago by LV workie Deadly Custard.

The Competition

DC has rendered out the key parts of the track for you to download and create something new. He has also made the entire track free to download on his soundcloud, so grab that too and share it around with your friends.

The original track is at 125bpm in A Minor.

Download the stems here.

Listen to and download the original here.

The Prize

The winning track will have the honour of becoming the new outro music of the podcast! You’ll also be the proud owner of a Limitless Vibrations t-shirt! Whats more, we’ll be keeping an eye on your future work for support via news articles and promotion.

Plus, newly added, our friends at have donated some of their swag to add to our prize pot!

Pretty good eh?

The Deadline

25th October 2018. The winner will be decided by the Limitless Vibrations team.

How to Submit

Email your submission (or a link to it) to

The Rules

You Can

  • Post your remix on soundcloud, youtube and similar for streaming
  • You can make said remix available for FREE download if you wish
  • Your track must be appropriately labeled as a remix for the above
  • If you are a Masterclass student, why not share your entry with the community on our Hub thread:

You Can Not

  • Use the samples outside of the remix competition (ie in a new work). (DC has a good lawyer!)
  • Distribute or sell the samples
  • Make your remix available for purchase (you can however, give it away for free)

GOOD LUCK … we look forward to listening to your great work!