November 19, 2018

Artist Radar: Popsiki, Green (feat Sa'ann) (Sysdemes Remix)

Our radars needed recalibration after this remix was picked up...

By: Hanz Ford

Friday November the 2nd was a massive day for releases, not only did Sysdemes have a track on the sucessful Converge Vol. 2, but also quietly released a speaker destroying remix of Popsiki’s Green featuring the vocals of Sa’ann. A venture into the darker experimental realms he has teased at before, let’s dive into the track!

Taking the up-beat vibes of the original mix, Sysdemes slathers heavy mood and wild bass all over this remix. Sa’ann laces her angelic vocals over an ominous drone as percussions creep into the track as we are pushed into the drop. Sysdemes shoves bass into our ears with force as bizarre percussive samples rock back and forth, oozing groove. Before we think the madness is eteneral, rays of sun, or the audible equivalence, illuminate the dancfloor as a majestic swirl of Sa’ann’s voice and glistening bells embraced by a wall of bright pads lift us during the breakdown. Rejuvinated by the bliss a steady snare and kick march courage into the listener, as the grizzly bass returns the chaos. A play with the time signature during the second drop crowns this remix as a bass trip for the mind. Enjoy

Hanz Ford : How did you link up with Popsiki for this remix?

Sysdemes : I found out that a few of my producer friends were on the remix album, Zempra, Kozmoz, and 2SCOOPS. I didn’t want to be left out so I asked him directly if I could take a crack at the remix and he sent the stems over.

HF : The original is quite an upbeat track, what was your approach to remixing it? did you want to make it heavy with bass or did that just how it turned out?

S : I had a few different versions. I did try to make a techno remix but time stretching the vocals down 26 bpm made some weird artifacts, it just wasn’t working. I had to make something that was either at original tempo of 150 or faster. I had always wanted to try my hand at neuro, so I figured this was the perfect chance to do it. My original plan wasn’t to make it bass heavy, but it just ended up working.

HF : Who do you draw influence from when producing this style of music?

S : I really like Noisia, they are pretty much the only artist I listen to that creates neuro.

HF : Any more remixes in the works? Do you have any originals planned in this style?

S : I’m currently not working on any remixes, and I don’t have any originals planned in this style. It was definitely a blast to produce, but not what I want to focus on.