September 14, 2018

LV Release Roundup: "Summer" 2018 Edition

Team LV is pleased to present the inaugural edition of our Release Round-up, lovingly mixed for your ears by resident DJ Lyradi...

By: SierraOskar

Team LV were delighted when super-talented DJ, singer, producer and Australian Lyradi agreed to join our small band earlier in the summer. She has created a fantastic mix with tracks from some of our lovely listeners and podcast guests. It is the first of many that she will be dropping in the coming months, all in the spirit of trying to share more of the music we loveā€¦ Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be alerted when the next one emerges

PS: This is called our “Summer” round-up but we are already aware that in half of the world it was not “Summer” in the months of June-August inclusive. Don’t at us.

  • red. - Vision [Buy My Music Recordings]
  • FEYLN - Existence [Free]
  • Sole Vale - Displaced [Emercive]
  • Hanz Ford - Down [Free]
  • 28mm - Body [Jackson Collective]
  • Kiro - Grand Central [CyberPixl Records]
  • Shypho - Highway [Free]
  • D.O - Control [Emercive]
  • Kaskade x BROHUG x Mr. Tape - Fun (Julian Gray Remix) [Free]
  • 28mm - What Do You Call It (LUNR Remix) [Emercive]
  • 28mm - What Do You Call It (RHYOT Remix) [Emercive]
  • CastNowski & UnFit - Dolla Bills [Ghetto Ghetto]
  • Nitti Gritti - Fear (BLANSH x VOWED Remix) [Confession]
  • Kozmoz - Forever In Your Heart (Sysdemes Remix) [Free]