November 14, 2018

Artist Radar: Emercive, Converge Vol. 2

The much anticipated Converge Vol. 2 blasted our radars, creating the proper amount of buzz to make Emercive chart on Beatport. A triumphant first year for our friends!

By: Hanz Ford

As the year closes, one thing can be said for certain. It has been a big year for the community, especially for the good bunch at Emercive. Starting the year off with the groundbreaking debut release Converge Vol. 1, and following it up with a list of incredible tracks from the ever growing ever impressive Emercive roster, it is quite apparent that it has been a breakthrough first year for this label. To crown it off, they added some crazy new talent to the team with 28mm dropping his debut release Companion EP, accompanied by the RE: Companion remix compilation with remixes from Redux Saints, Chris Simon, LUNR and Rhyot. The much anticipated Converge Vol. 2 finds ASHE, Kiro, and 80M all debuting their music with the label. It is truly inspiring to watch these artists grow and perfect their craft, showcasing their ability on brilliant collaborative efforts like this one, which offers us 10 tracks that span a range of styles yet all flow with the same current. Let’s dive into the tracks!

Bad Eye

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Taking the lead with track one are the brothers of Bad Eye! This is their third Emercive release, following Seventy Sixty and the impressive Giant Pacific. Those Who Will stands as the pinnacle of their work thus far. Starting out with a bright arp and colourful samples splashing hues into our ears, wide bass drones warm up the soundscape, preparing us for the beat to come. The kick drops as does the bass line: smooth, yet gritty and wild. Bad Eye effortlessly weave precious melodies into this piece leading us to the rich breakdown. Vibrant arpeggios shine over deep bass wubs as a chill enducing lead winds intself around the notes. The beat returns as the song plays out the final bars with the new elements. A strong start indeed.

Hanz Ford: Hello Bad Eye!, how have you two been? I know one of you made it to Montreal for the LUNR EP launch party, shed some light on that for us!

Bad Eye: It was really cool to finally meet the guys we’ve been talking to for so long over SoundCloud and Discord. The sets were obviously fire; Sole and 28 and LUNR were awesome complimentary vibes and they all tore it up. The crowd got to hear a ton of awesome IDs and 28mm rocked some cool live mashups. The venue was super cool too, and they let everyone rock for an extra hour once the clocks turned back for daylight savings.

HF: What have you guys been listening to latley?

BE: Really into the latest LP from Khåen on This Never Happened, really deep and ethereal. Also been digging into Fehrplay’s back catalogue and jamming the new RÜFÜS DU SOL album.

HF: Congratulations on the successful third release on Emercive, how did this track come to be? Was this the one from the start or were there a few you had to choose from?

BE: When the deadline started coming up, “Those Who Will” was definitely first on our radar. It was on the shelf about 80% finished for a long while, over a year actually, and we revisited it right around the time CV2 started sourcing. We used some favorite processing tricks to get it feeling a little less clinical and a little more crackly, and it’s been funny hearing from people how cool all the analog sounds are, even though it’s the only track we’ve finished recently using all soft synths.

HF:  What’s next for Bad eye?

BE: Some new remixes/singles before the year is out, and then finally getting this big stash of material grouped into EPs that feel cohesive and slated for release next year.


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Second up is Sysdemes with his track I Can’t Explain. Which are usually the words used to describe the feelings one gets on first experiencing his music. A punchy kick and shaker tied to a warping filtered lead, melts into our senses to begin this track with serious emotion. Winding drones coat this track with that signature warm Sysdemes sound. The track takes off as the vocal sample I Can’t Explain echos out over the full production. Pulling us towards the breakdown, we are thrust into a brilliant soundscape punctuated by heroic leads that form a symbiotic relationship with the melodies before it, launching us into the climax of this tune.

HF: How have you been since we last checked in? Any gigs, shows, cool happening?

Sysdemes: I’ve been alright, just same as usual. Currently no shows planned, the last one I had was canceled.

HF: What have you been listening to latley?

S: Right now I’m listening to the new releases from Bexey and Yung Lean. They are always coming up with innovative tracks.

HF: Congratulations on the successful release!  How did this track come together?

S: The track came about pretty naturally. I had created the bassline melody and just kind of stacked elements around it. Once I found the vocal sample it tied the whole thing together. Definitely was one of the harder tracks to mix and master, I had been wrestling with different versions since Spring this year.

HF: As we await your Dom Kane remix release, do you have anything else cooking for us?

S: No releases are scheduled right now, but I would like to get one more track out before the end of the year.


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Third on the tracklist is LUNR with his track Bad Dogs. The second appearance for this talented individual, first being his remix of 28mm’s What Do You Call It, this is his debut original mix on Emercive. LUNR holds nothing back as he flexes his production ability with its mind bending sound design. Percussive samples crackle and crunch ushering forth a powerhouse of a groove that  forces movement into your bones with its heavy presence and sizzling bass shots. Bad Dogs is relentless in its form and, without doubt, pushes whatever listening device you have to its limits.

HF: Hello LUNR, how are you?

LUNR: Im good thanks! and you?

HF: I know you just had a successful launch party for an upcoming EP, where did it go down and how did it all go?

LUNR: Yes indeed, it was at Velvet in Montreal, was an epic night! Great vibes, great people and great friends! Got to play a lot of unreleased materiel and the reception was amazing, I feel blessed!

HF: What have you been listening to latley?

LUNR: TBH, I have been concentrating on my music lately and don’t really listen to much other stuff than mine while in that process, so pretty much of the music I listen to are my tracks or WIPs and IDs from fellow producers…

HF: Congratulations on this release! How did your track come together, did you have a few to choose from or was this it from the start?

LUNR: “Bad Dogs” is actually my first tech house track. I made that song a while ago and kind of forgot about it. When Garret reached out for “Converge, Vol. 2” I dug it out! He gave me pointers and feedback and I revamped for the compilation. Really happy with the final product and glad I got to put it out there. Always felt the synths in the second part of the song sounded like dog barking, hence “Bad Dogs”!

HF: What’s in store for you? When does this EP celebrated at the launch party drop?

LUNR: Been working on this EP for a while now! Initially made these songs more than one year ago… So excited to finally push them out! This one is a milestone for me, my first solo EP and has some awesome collabs coming with it! I have a couple of releases lined up in the upcoming weeks and months apart from that (finally!) and planning on pushing more songs I have in bank for 2019.

I have a big announcement regarding one of the songs on this EP I can’t fully yet express… Still waiting on some paperwork and legal stuff to get finalized, but I can say that one of the track will be one of my biggest release so far! I can’t really say the official date for the release (that has been pushed back for some time now) for that same reason but will definitely let you guys know as soon as I do!


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Fourth up is an artist we have had our eye on for a good while now, for good reason! With his out of this world self released Apocalypse EP earlier this year and recently placing third in the Sonic Academy Julian Gray ‘It is What It Isn’t” remix contest, it left listeners wanting more, and boy did he deliver. 80M tears down any ideas of where you thought this compilation was going with his mind altering track Beans. Upon pressing play, the listener is hypnotized by the undeniable groove that oozes from the speakers. Sounds and melodies punch and kick their way into the beat, battling for prime focus of the listener. 80M increases the energy levels incrementally with thumping bass until we are lifted from the madness during the breakdown, with shining leads and expansive pads taking us high into the stratosphere. Only to be abruptly dropped smack dab back into the casual chaos that is Beans.

HF: Hello 80M! How have you been since we last checked in?

80M: Hi! I’ve been great! Been working on/ planning stuff a lot of stuff lately.

HF: What have you been listening to latley?

80M: Lately I’ve been listening to music from my friends and people in the community, I like to keep up with everyone’s work and hear new stuff.

HF: Congratulations on the debut release with Emercive! To have a debut release on a beatport charting EP is quite something! How did this track come together?

80M: Thank you, yes it’s very exciting! I’ll admit it took me quite a long time to finish the track. It was sitting in my project file folder being unfinished for so long until I got an email from Emercive informing me about Converge and it inspired me a lot.

HF: What can we expect next from 80M?

80M: Expect plenty of singles, as well as something special a little down the road.


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Fifth on Vol.2 is LV familiar D.O He broke the ice with CODA 794, teamed up with Sysdemes for their milestone track Frozen, followed with his solo release Control and now with his fourth Emercive release It Was, it is clear it has been a sonically strong year for our friend! Deep, full and precise best describe the D.O experience, and his addition to this compilation is no exception to that truth. A hard kick vibrates the airwaves as a shaker, hi hat and clap build the path for us to walk through this song.  Minimal at its core and powerful in its entirety, D.O surprises us by igniting a sizzling lead during the breakdown to seal the deal.

HF: Hello D.O! How have you been since we last checked in, any cool shows or new modulars added to the rig?

D.O:  Since the last time quite a lot has happened. Seeing Emercive grow and hit the beatport Top10 albums has been really cool. It’s really motivating to work way harder on my tracks.  Im working on the tracks for my first show. One possibility I’m looking into is to fly to Toronto by the end of 2019. I think once the right opportunity is there and i feel comfortable with what i have produced for a show, this could happen pretty quick.

HF: What have you been listening to lately?

D.O: Lots of Rinzen, I’m so in love with his “_Exoplanet_” EP and his “_Monophobia_” remix. Seeing him live last weekend in Berlin with deadmau5, that’s still the artist I listen to the most and has been definitely the most inspiring event I’ve been to. Also I listen to a lot of LUNR, Attlas, ASHE and Sysdemes, 28mm, Sole Vale, Kiro and Bad Eye. Lots of names, but those are pretty much in my playlists every day. Still a big fan of trance as well. You see, I listen to a lot of artists, pretty much too many to mention them all.

HF: Congratulations on the release on Vol.2! It is always a treat to hear new D.O! How did this track come together?

D.O: The story behind how it was on CV2 is actually pretty funny. I made the track more like a option to choose from for the label rather than the one I thought would be released. I pretty much made the track in half a day just “D.Oing” it really. I can’t remember it properly to be honest, I was really tired that day. I thought the track sucked once it was close to finished but my label friends told me to keep going. Now I kinda like it as well! The longer process before release was to tweak the details right, that took a couple days before the deadline.

HF: What’s next for D.O? I know you had some studio time with a fellow community member in an impressive set up! How was that?

D.O: I’ve been working on definitely the most exciting project i’ve been involved so far this year. Also the studio time with NoVinum in Munich was super inspiring. Also there’s projects being worked on there. Modular synth wise, i’m still going with what i have so far, no new modules. Probably gonna save up for the traveling to the first show if it works out.

Sole Vale

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After joining the ranks at Emercive with his debut EP Oblivion, Sixth up on this compilation is friend of the show Sole Vale with his track Nightfall A grizzly bass plucks right from the start as a lead whips around the airwaves igniting the anticipation for that Sole kick we all crave. Building an irrefutable beat for the listener, he teases the senses with carefully placed samples and sounds while increasing the energy. A powerful arpeggio takes the lead charging this track to its climax where Sole plays with the bass and our minds at the same time with his smooth automation and note arrangement.

HF: Hello Sole! How have you been? I know you recently had your debut perfomance in Montreal at LUNR’s launch party? How did it go!?

Sole Vale: Hey ! I have been pretty good thanks! Working hard, trying to get as much music done as I can while still maintaining a full time job. The Launch party for Lunr was absolutely epic. We had such a great time, I think everyone involved and those who came out could all agree that it was definitely a night to remember! Funny story; the first time I ever used CDJ’s was the day before the show. I was so nervous!! Thankfully everything ended up working out beautifully. The crowd was wonderful and the music was heavy as fuck. What more could you ask for?

HF: What have you been listening to latley?

SV: I have been listening to a lot of Drumcode Records recently. I have really been digging Bart Skils, Wehbba, Boxia and Sam Paganini. Of course there are plenty more, lets call those the honourable mentions for what i’ve been jamming.

HF: Congratulations on your release on Vol.2! How did this track come together, did you have to choose from a few tracks or was this the one?

SV: Thanks!! Super happy to be part of CV2! I was supposed to be on CV1 but I was just slammed and couldn’t get a track in for it. “Nightfall” came together a long time ago actually, at least 4 months before we had to submit. I had the track laying around, Didn’t really have any plans for it so I sent it over and it stuck! 2:50 in the track has to be one of my favorite alterations i’ve done. The vibe really gets me haha I think the listeners also enjoy the change up.

HF: What’s next for Sole Vale, new music in the works more shows?

SV: I honestly never know what’s next, so many opportunities present themselves at such random times. I am working on some more music for another EP and I am definitely hoping for some more shows!


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The seventh track on this string of pinnacle pieces of work, from a pool of undeniable talent, is majestic debut release Morning Star from community familiar ASHE. Starting us out on a beach rich of emotion, waves and piano melodies lap at our feet as the cinematic strings arise around us bringing with them the hairs on our arms and necks. As ASHE constructs the percussions, the entirety and uniqueness of this track unfolds. Revealing with it the evolution and progress in his sound and ability to extract the vision from mind to DAW, so effortlessly as to make the music seem dreamy.

HF: Hello ASHE! How have you been since we last chatted, I know you went up to support the gang in Montreal how did the weekend go?

ASHE: The weekend was amazing, it’s a very cool experience getting to meet so many people that you’ve known for so long on the internet in person. The vibe was extraordinary we’ll definitely be going back to Montreal soon.

HF: What have you been listening to latley?

ASHE: I’ve been listening to a ton of “old” electronic music. Stuff from when I was getting into it for inspiration, nostalgias sake and just to listen to some good music.

HF: Congratulations on the debut release with Emercive! And to have it charting is huge! How did your track come together? Were the samples infamously weaved in your music your own recordings?

ASHE: With Morning Star I was really pushing the “cinematic techno” idea. I might have gone a little too far but the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Surprisingly the ocean sounds are not mine (Haven’t been to an ocean in about 4 years) But again alot of the stuff is from my personal collections of sounds.

HF: Whats next for ASHE?

ASHE: Next on the list is pushing live performances. I have an EP done waiting for signing a remix to go out amongst several originals. It’s just a matter of time thing now.


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On top of running the label and the long list of things that entitles (NB: you can hear all about that in LV006), Rhyot finds time to produce quality music which brings us to track eight on Vol. 2. Siege of Tyre begins with the signature synth symphony painting a wide, courageous landscape for his percussions to march on. Slightly detuned leads punctuate and wind around the legions of beats and pads with samples that whisper armament of the infantry in preparation of the siege, rendering the dancefloor defenceless against the music.

HF:  Hello Rhyot! How have you been since we last checked in? You went to represent the label at the Montreal show, how did that go?

RHYOT: Hey there, Hanz! It’s good to chat again. Since we last checked in, which was actually a little while back now, all in all I’ve been doing well, man, thanks for asking. At that time I was doing some original music work, getting settled here in Toronto, and we were hard at work on the Emercive compilation, which now, obviously, is out and gathering some serious steam on Beatport. I saw you picked up a copy! Thanks a bunch on the behalf of the whole gang here - hope you love it!

HF: It had to be done, I love it so much I decided to write it up ( LOL ). You went to represent the label at the Montreal show, how did that go?

R: Yeah, man. ASHE and I got back from Montréal Monday evening, after the long but mindblowingly fun weekend. We drove over with his housemates (who are awesome people, you may remember them actually), and met Gage from Bad Eye, who came up from Boston, with Sole Vale, 28mm, and LUNR, of course. With that many people from the Emercive squad going under one roof, there was absolutely no way I would be anywhere else. For a number of us, it was the first time actually meeting in person, and not on video calls or whatnot, and every person was a pleasure to spend time with. The venue itself was pretty remarkable, tunnelled in under a restaurant in Old Port, in a dark, stone speakeasy, with candlelight decking the walls and wax running down. Insanely cool vibe. Sole Vale led off, and within 25 minutes, the room already had a solid early crowd. By the end of 28mm’s set and into LUNR’s headline, it was flat-out packed. There were bottles going to the tables in the wings, the sound was loud and clear, and there was amazing energy in the room. It was perfect. It was like something of a dream to see that show come together, and it’s really just the first of many to come.

HF: What are you listening to these days?

R: As it has been for the last few months, admittedly, I’m listening mostly to the music that has been coming from our friends in the industry, to Converge Vol. 2, which I’ve been hearing for months already, unreleased goodness (nobody’s ready for some of this stuff), to IDs for feedback, demo submissions… there’s a constant stream without having to look too far, besides the occasional grunge or punk Spotify playlists I take an occasional electronic-respite to. Sysdemes just had a wild remix of “Green” for Popsikl come out (insane ideas and designs in there); 28mm has had his “Extrasensory EP” release on Drip Drop as well as a recent single on Jackson Records, which fully reach expectations for his quality of work; our friend Bentley Dean JUST put out a filthy single, “Escape”, which is sure to hit anyone with an ear for meticulous and complex bass tracks (very UK vibe, go figure). If ever there’s been a time to feel like we’re all sitting in the eye of a storm, it’s now. There is a lot of great stuff building in our community, and people are about to get some serious attention for the work they’re putting in. Sit tight.

HF: Congratulations on the successful release! Emercive charting on beatport is nothing short of amazing, only a year of its creation! How did your track come together for this EP?

R: Thanks for all of the support on Converge, Vol. 2 - not only to you, of course, but to all of our friends who have been buying the record, sharing our (admittedly, rather frequent) posts with chart updates, and playing the music out live. The success we’re finding right now on the charts at Beatport have been a surprise to wake up to daily, and while they won’t last forever, we’ve learned a lot to implement with our future music releases, both individually, and as a label.

Siege of Tyre, for me, was more of a concept track, and a scenic exploration. It’s funny to me, because I’ll have people jumping in YouTube comments, like ‘drop: 4/10’, and I’m not asking for ratings, I giggle mostly, but it goes to show that the meaning of music is relative entirely to the listener, and it can be challenging to translate the visions and thoughts I produce a track such as that to, onward to the listener.

I very much, like Army of the Dead, wrote and arranged the track in a linear fashion along to a mental scene, in this case, of a coastal stronghold a world away, coming under the initial late night attack of an oppositional siege. Rather than the clash of battle, such as in the energetic and percussive ‘drop’ of AotD, this track carries a looming mood without much optimism for victory. Despite the circumstances, an honorable stand to defend the walls, and the people within them, will be made, as the inside forces take up arms to hold their ground. Like I said, I don’t think anyone will get all of that from the track, that’s the story it was written to, in my mind, at least.

HF: Whats next for Rhyot and Emercive?

R: NEXT on the horizon for myself, I’ve been working on a number of original tracks, the future for which isn’t yet set. Some of the music maintains the imaginative design methodology, while some is, gasp, actually written with the dancefloor in mind. There’s a little somethin’-somethin’ special in there that I think should turn a few heads.

Coming up for Emercive, well, you know how we like to keep things pretty hush, but, speaking vaguely, I can say that we’ve got a nice little surprise coming along in December that’ll be a first for the label. We’d like to include a little thank you back to the community that is constantly supporting us; we’ll hopefully be adding to the merch collection just a bit; we’ll also be looking to wrap-up our first calendar year in a meaningful way. Our eyes are turning to 2019, and we’ll be shaping-up some plans for the coming months.

Doorstep Rebellion

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The ninth track on this compilation and 2nd release on Emercive is Doorstep Rebellion with his track Cacoethes.  Bright strings laced with plucked melodies rise from the depths and take front stage as a deep drone builds us to the drop. Exploding with modulated guitar riffs and synthesizers screaming with effects, Doorstep Rebellion throws several chest punching bass lines crunching the dancefloor with distortion. A return of the melodic muses and orchestral blisses in the break down captivate the listener. Risers begin the ascent to the second drop but not before a breif piano ballad serenades us before the plunge. A strong second release for Doorstep Rebellion.

HF: Hello Doorstep Rebellion! What have you been up to since your first release on Vol 1?

Doorstep Rebellion: Thank you so much. I have been keeping myself busy working on my next single, a new collaboration with Holly Terrens who featured on a track on my last full length record from earlier this year. Besides that I’ve been trying to focus more on practicing my instruments. I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the guitar again, it’s been fun.

HF: What have you been listening to latley?

DR: Aside from some of my favorite artists which are always in rotation (Six Gallery, TTNG, and Attlas) I’ve been really into an artist called Benji. He’s a RnB/Hip Hop artist/producer from Pittsburgh and his sound is really unique. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Jason Isbell and the 400 unit (mainly the live albums).

HF: Congratulations on the successful release! How did your track come together?

DR: Thank you so much. Honestly the props go to everyone else who worked so hard on this, I’m just lucky to be involved. The track’s creative process was weird. The track itself was mostly made two years ago. It was something I made in a day and then had no idea what to do with. I was suffering from major writers block when Garrett approached me about Converge Vol. 2. Eventually after a few drafts of things I hated I sent this over and everyone who heard it agreed it was the right choice. I mostly just re-did the mix and put a proper master on it and sent it off. Oddly enough it doesn’t feel dated or out of place with everything else on the comp.

HF: Whats next for you, some more music any shows?

DR: I have started trying to dedicate time to write for a new album or group of EPs, not sure yet. I try not to plan anything because it never works out that way. Everything always seems to have a way of falling into place. As I said before I have a single with Holly Terrens coming out very soon. I’m very proud of this one. Hopefully some more releases with Emercive in the future. I’ll have some show announcements for next spring soon, but keep an eye on my social media as I occasionally sit in with peers at shows. Thanks so much for taking the time to include and talk with me!


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Closing out this absolutely incredible compilation is another community familiar with his debut Emercive release. Kiro brings us some downtempo synth/vapourwave vibes with his track Reflection for a radiant finale. Beautiful chords dance their way into our ears as the laid back percussions kick off in proper downtempo fashion. Colorful pads tremolo around our senses as Kiro ingnites a lead that weaves around the sounds bending its tuning while doing so. Another radiant example of Kiro’s ability to tackle any style of music with grace and confidence.

HF: Hello Kiro! What have you been up to since we last checked in?

Kiro: Lots of life stuff aha. Moved in with my boyfriend to a place in York. Beautiful city. That’s what’s been taking up most of my time these past few months honestly. We’re still not fully unpacked.

HF: What have you been listening to latley?

K: Been into halftime a lot recently, artists like Vorso and Ordure are the gods of that genre. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Jeremy Blake’s (Red Means Recording) stuff, he does a lot of tracks almost entirely on the OP-1.

HF: Congratulations on the successful release! How did your track come together?

K: Like most of my tracks these days it started off with me just messing around on my Peak and going from there. The Emercive team got in touch and asked if I had anything in the works that’d fit their compilation and I sent them it, thinking it’d be a good closing piece. Looks like they had the same idea aha.

HF:  Whats next for Kiro , working on some more music?

K: Absolutely. My debut album for Kiro will be out on the 17th of December, and I hope to get some premieres up before then so keep an eye out for those. After that I’ve been working on a collab with Moki that sounds like a cross between an Ed Banger Records release and a track from The Prodigy, and we’re looking forward to getting that done. So yeah, plenty of new stuff on the way from this alias.

Remeber to follow all these amazing artists on all their socials, share their music and grab your copy of Converge Vol 2 if you haven’t already! Every purchase helps the label and the artists grow and land more opportunities!