October 11, 2018

ASHE rolls out a Patreon!

Our good friend ASHE has set up a Patreon!

By: Hanz Ford

In today’s digital age, it has become an increasingly difficult thing for artists to make a living from their craft. The reasons are well known and not needed to be discussed here BUT to the fortune of artists today there is a platform that offers direct fan-/peer-to-artist support. This of course is Patreon.

Most of us are familiar with the website, but for those who are unfamiliar. Patreon is a platform where an individual offering a product or service can set up a payment system directly with its fan or consumer base, usually with different tiers of rewards for the more one pledges.

Today we would like to give a formal shout out to LV familiar and friend ASHE! Last time we checked in with him he was taking some time off work to focus soley on music. Rumor has it it was time well spent with a handful of music waiting to see the light of day. In his words “I’ve decided to join Patreon so that I can better involve myself with my fans, fellow musicians and music community as a whole”. Although being open ended to as how much one can pledge, ASHE offers three tiers with corresponding perks and goodies. Let’s take a look at them!

Check out ASHE’s Patreon page here!

Tier One: “Pleb”

$2.50 or more per month

  • Discord role ”Pleb”
  • Access to discord
  • Feedback via discord #feedback

Tier Two: “Mini-Boss”

$5 or more per month ∙

  • Discord role ”Mini-Boss”
  • Access to discord #cool-kids
  • Feedback via discord #patron-feedback
  • ASHE - In The Woods - Sample Pack download

Tier Three: “Boss”

$10 or more per month

  • Discord role ”Boss”
  • (When I get a webcam) Twitch Feedback Biweekly
  • Google Drive download of my full discography upon request
  • Listen to early wips, content and news that nobody else gets to see or hear in #ashe-secret
  • ASHE - In The Woods - Sample Pack Download

ASHE shot a promo video for his new service and you can check that out below — you can also check out his artist page here to find all his socials as well as his podcast episode!