November 22, 2018

Artist Radar: Julian Gray, Touch EP

The sweep of our radar picked up the ever fiery jet stream of one Julian Gray, back with another polished, melodic gem...

By: Deadly Custard

2018 has been a milestone year for past guest Julian Gray. Breaking the ice onto Mau5trap, hosting a handful of remix competitions, all while maintaining his strong relationship with his devoted fans through his Youtube Channel and Discord Server. Julian’s latest release, on Zero Three Records, features singer-songwriter Pipa Moran, and a blazing remix from Canadian producer Dezza to finish off the EP.

Touch, has a sense of optimism, a sense of light and joy, while a certain level of darkness gives sharp contrast to that light offering a dualistic balance. Glistening, innocent vocals reaching over dark, thick slabs of bass and thumping kicks. The impression is of a full room filled with sound that scores over stormy clouds. Pipa’s vocals sound fantastic, cutting shafts of light through emotion filled soundscape. Progressive house in the Deadmau5 mould, but with a distinctly Julian Gray sound, as you’d expect.

Pipa Moran, who hails from Oxfordshire in the UK, began her music career in a familiar way — finding fans on YouTube singing covers of popular tunes with her acoustic guitar for accompaniment.  Now at 25 she is focusing on working with electronic music producers, bringing her vocal talents to danceable tunes.  Pipa’s tone is such that it affords her the opportunity to tackle both huge vocals and soft and sensitive tones with ample dexterity and we are sure that destined for great things.

Her style is a good fit with Julian’s melodic and progressive house leanings. Here’s hoping for another future collaboration!  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves — we have this one to enjoy on repeat, plus extended versions and the brilliant remix from Dezza.

Dezza, a well respected Canadian producer, who has featured of the playlists of many big hitting DJs (Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk to name a few) brings drive to Touch. Pushing the tune forward with an upbeat bass line to get the knees moving and arms flailing.

Another classy offering from Julian Gray (and my personal favourite to date).

Deadly Custard: Hello Julian! How have you been since we last checked in? I know you have played and been to a few shows? You also moved recently, busy times!!

Julian Gray: Hey! I have been kinda taking it easy as far as shows go. I played in philly a few weeks ago, but we’re working on setting up a row of shows in a few months.

Move was crazy! I was sick the whole time so it was even more stressful (I was cleaning while sick and that sucks) but I love the new spot. Hopefully I can continue to afford it haha.

DC: Congratulations on this incredible release, how did the EP come together? Did you reach out to Pipa Morgan with a full track, or work together from the start?

JG: Thank you! I discovered Pipa on the background music of a YouTube video. I instantly fell in love with her voice and did some research on her and her music, then reached out for a Collab. Crazy how things can happen like this.

DC: How did you link up with Dezza for the remix?

JG: Dezza is a good friend and incredible guy! The label really organized the remix he did, but I gave some insight along the way. I’m happy that Dezza was the one we chose for the remix, as I adore his stuff.

DC: What’s in store for you from here and into 2019?

JG: Lots more to come! A few new tracks coming down the pipeline, but more than anything I’m planning to do a run of shows around the country. More to announce soon and I’m incredibly excited for the future!

So there you have it. Thanks to the ever busy Julian Gray for his time and be sure to check out our Julian Gray artist page for his social links, latest tracks and related articles!