August 8, 2018

Artist Radar: 'Control', D.O [Emercive 010]

July 27th our radars detected sounds coming from an old friend of the show...

By: Hanz Ford

Techno is the game, and D.O is his name. It has been a while since we have heard from our friend, but the wait was so worth the anticipation. D.O is a beloved producer among the community with his positive possum vibes. He was also the first guest on the podcast, along with felllow producer Sysdemes and appearing on the ground-breaking debut Emercive release Converge Vol. 1. D.O has had a hand helping both LV and Emercive take-off. Bringing us another techno classic straight from Germany, let’s explore the latest Emercive release…

A distant arpeggio sets off the track, while the vocal sample Control warns us what this track will do to your body. His signature clunky percussions tied to a thumpy kick ignite rhythm as a wide swell opens the soundscape. D.O begins his crafty work of adding classic techno drum samples, pushing the groove of this track to undeniable levels. Pulling the floor out from under us D.O plunges the dance floor into a cosmic soup of swarming bass lines and out of this world drones. Before we loose complete ‘control’, this techno magician restores order with on-point percussion.

I spotted the elusive D.O and was able to get some words from the man!

Hanz Ford : How has your summer been so far?

D.O : My summer has been kinda busy so far, with moving and balancing work/ studio. Looking forward to two weeks of holiday soon, where I’m gonna spend a lot of time working on my metal drumming, trolling my dog, hanging out with friends and chilling out in the sun doing absolutely nothing!!

HF : How did this track come together?

D.O : The track started on the modular, using the Macbeth oscillator and Maths, I tried creating a kinda overdone Bass pluck sound. I recorded various takes and then started the initial arrangement. I took a vocal sample and threw a shitload of resonators, reverbs, glitch effects and stuff on it.

I built some of the sounds with digital first and then replaced them with modular recordings. My goal was to use the modular as much as possible on the track. I made this track using mostly my laptop, which doesnt have a lot of CPU. The rawness of the modular sounds required a lot of processing and EQing tho, so I started crashing my Laptop before the mastering stage even!

Also I got into new plugins at the time, kinda my “secret weapons” (well they arent that secret tho :D) which made the mixing and mastering process a pain but I didn’t want to compromise on the quality of the delay effects for example. I finished the track around the 60-70 hour, with tweaking the details in the mix and taking time inbetween the mixing sessions, to get into a listeners mindset while on a trainride for example.

HF : What can we expect from you for the remainder of the year?

D.O : Right now scheduling up releases, sitting on new material. Collaborations in progress, after focusing on just my own music for a while. Also I’m planning to expand a bit on my modular system until the end of the year and develop a track with a new module that can stand as a single and follow up for Control.

We all will be enjoying Control as it quenches our thirst temporarily for more D.O.

You can check out D.O’s Limitless Vibrations artist page for his social links, music and any related articles.