August 21, 2018

Artist Radar: ASHE on the productive benefits of not working...

LV favourite ASHE recently put himself in the fortunate position of taking time out of work to focus on music. SierraOskar finds out more...

By: SierraOskar

ASHE has long been a favourite around LV towers: he was the star guest on LV002 after all! It has been quite a big summer for him on a personal level as — after a lot of graft and saving — he found himself in a position to take some time out of work to focus on his music … on top of that, his warm, moody masterpiece Little King flew past 6000 plays on SoundCloud [NB: Little King is included below to see if we can drive some more plays… :-) ]

ASHE’s dedication and willingness to plough through a non-ideal day-job to make things happen is a real inspiration for any aspiring producer and we caught up with him to find out more about what it takes and how it feels.

SierraOskar: Hello ASHE. So, I heard you quit your job to make music.

ASHE: I did been just over a month now.

SO: What made you think now was the time?

A: A few things got secured and an opportunity arose that allowed me the freedom to do it. “You know when you know essentially.”

SO: It seems like a big undertaking - how did you prepare yourself, mentally or otherwise?

A: Mentally was the easy part. Financially was otherwise. But it was right around the time Tax returns were coming in. I had a ton of vacation pay saved up and I worked another job for a few weeks.

SO: I’ve had periods out of work and found it important to keep a routine - did you plan something like that out, or have you been playing it by ear?

A: I rarely fall into the traps of playing games, lying around etc. My life is built around routines but I definitely created a new one while I’ve been off to keep my fitness up (As a electronic producer sitting in a chair all day) As well keeping up good eating habits.

SO: What tips can you offer to other people that dream of doing what you’ve done? Would you recommend it?

A: If you can afford to yes. Nothing more fulfilling than getting to do what you love five days a week vs. Working in a “box factory” so to speak. Make sure you can afford it though otherwise anxiety might kill your work flow.

SO: Has it panned out like you hoped? Better, or not as good?

A: A few releases got pushed back that would of helped me get into the scene a bit more. In terms of banking music though it’s worked out and then some. I was always worried because I never had “IDs” in case somebody came knocking. Now I do. A month alone with your gear will do that to yo.

SO: What are your goals for the rest of the year, having made this big step?

A: Well unfortunately I will have to start working again soon but I plan on making this a yearly ritual. I expect to have a lot of backlogged music though which is my main priority. [NB: since we had this chat, ASHE is back in work… RIP]

SO: Any final words?

A: You’ll know when you know. It’s tried and tested. It’s always worth the effort to give what you love more time. You can always make money it’s harder to make time for things you care about.

So there you have it. We’re all expecting big things from ASHE, so be sure to check back with LV for all the latest … you can also check out his ASHE’s LV artist page for his social links, any ASHE-related articles and his latest releases.