December 9, 2018

Artist Radar: 28mm, Ghost/ Ego Double Feature!

Friday November 9th saw the release of Understated's Vol. 1 compilation which featured a track from friend of the show 28mm titled 'Ghost'

By: Hanz Ford

28mm has been killing it this year, especially as 2018 comes to a close with a hand full of shows and a steady stream of top notch releases. Friday 9th Understated released their first compilation album, with 12 colossal tracks, including the topic of today’s write up.

Ghost is a heroic showcase of 28mm’s signature dark tones and smooth rhythms. Starting off with a jack hammer of a kick, pounding groove into the cement dance floor, percussions systematically build in classic techno fashion while a deep sub glues the groove together. Bass filters and drones over the beat as the 28mm horns take the lead and dance us towards the break down. A haunting melody plucks precariously along, taking this track down a ghost -ly path full of well placed samples and a moody bass that bounces irresistable rhythm into your soul. enjoy

Not long after, 28mm released Ego featuring the vocals of Numa on Subdrive records. One can imagine a smokey room, dark with a defiant mood. A beam of light that is Numa’s spicy voice illuminates the floor, searching for sustenance, shedding light on all the judgments and misconceptions people release and forget as they dance the demons away. Numa keeps your ego in check as 28mm ignites the track with the signature sounds we have all come to crave in these radiant productions. As the song closes out, one can only hope this is the first of many collaborative efforts with these two.

Hanz Ford: Hey 28mm! how have you been since we last checked in? You have been closing this year off with a bang! multiple releases, quite a few shows. How did your trip to Montreal and show at Velvet go?

28mm: 2018 has treated me very well, definitely thankful for every opportunity that came my way. Looking back at the Montreal show with LUNR and Sole Vale still gives me chills haha. Can’t wait to return and spin with them again.

HF: What have you been listening to lately?

28mm: Been listening to a lot of darker Pop/R&B like Saro and Always Never. I’m slowly moving towards doing more vocal tracks, so I guess this is my way of gathering inspiration.

HF: How did you link up with Under Stated for the compilation album?

28mm: I’ve known the Understated team for a while now. They were one of the first labels to pick me up and released “Bokeh” last year in 2017. Naturally I needed a follow up for this year, so the “All of U|S” compilation was perfect timing. I made “Ghost” with the intention of a more warehouse-ready sound, which is another avenue I’ve been heading down with future releases.

HF: Your track Ego feat. Numa, great track, how did this come to be, did you go to her with a finished track or work together on it?

28mm: I met Numa back in 2016 while living in Los Angeles. I was DJing an underground event and heard her singing during her set that followed mine. It was almost instantaneous. I knew we had to try and collaborate on something. I sent over an instrumental and got back her verses almost the next day. She’d nail it first take and had the same sort of dark/moody vibe to her lyrics, making it super easy to work with. Fast-forward a year and we had a couple demos on our hands; “Ego” being the first to be released through Subdrive.

HF: I have started asking this question to guests as of late, curious as to your answer: What is music to you?

28mm: Music to me is ultimately a feeling unlike anything else. It can take you to all sorts of places, far away from the reality we live in. Whether you’re a listener or creative, it can heal the soul. It’s a bit cliche, but I really owe music so much for the happiness I have.

HF: What can we expect next? I am hoping you can come play North again!

28mm: Definitely will be returning north sometime soon! I’ll be wrapping up the year though with one last show headlining at TBA Brooklyn, January 27th. As for next year, I’ll be slowing down in how frequent I put out music but it’ll make way for stronger releases with some bigger labels I’ve been working with : )

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