October 8, 2018

Artist Radar: Motion & Extrasensory EP, 28mm

Past guest of the show 28mm has been busy. Our radars detected several vibes emanating from this gifted producer!

By: Hanz Ford

It is always a welcome surprise when our radars alert us to new 28mm. Best described as dark and moody, his music has the tendency of carrying listeners away with his hypnotic bass lines and crisp, subtle percussions. He appeared on Episode 008 of the podcast, and offered us some great insight into the world of 28mm — you can hear the episode and read the show notes here.


Consistency and quality appropriately describe this producer, and it no doubt catches the attention of labels and collectives alike. Jackson Records puts originality and integrity as its core values, while aiming to push the boundaries with their mounting catalogue and 28mm’s latest release, Motion is a testament to those aims.

The definition of motion is ‘The action or process of moving or being moved’, in which its applicability here is apparent. Tight percussions take off in ordered fashion as fluttering bells spark deep emotions in ones soul. We are then suspended intimately with the melodies for a brief moment, before the senses are submerged into the entirety of the track. 28mm drops one of his signature, undeniable bass lines while simultaneously summmoning the infamous chills accompanied with good music. Take a moment to be moved by Motion.

Extrasensory EP

Come to October 2nd, the month where the dark things come out to play. and 28mm gives this ghostly month a soundtrack with his release Extrasensory EP on Drip Drop Records. Starting this loaded 3 track EP off is Juno. A distant drone plays with a tight kick and groovy percussions. A haunting vocal sample echoes in the dark cavern we seem to have been led into. Mysterious plucks begin their rhythm sparking enough curiosity for listeners to follow 28mm into this dark cave of sound he has conjured. Juno descends us into the subterranean realms with no argument.

Title track Extrasensory ignites the darkness with a gritty baseline pounding like a jack hammer between the 4 to the floor kick. That signature horn shot we here so often glaze 28mm tracks with attitude, lathers its mood on this groove. Hypnotized by the beat, a chilling flute rolls around the air waves ensuring we won’t budge from our state of rhythm. A heroic lead bursts into existence as the drums drop away, leaving us suspended in time and space, praying for the submersion back into this ‘extrasensory’ experience.

Closing this EP off is a collaboration track with fellow producer Flipstik titled ‘There ‘. A kick and crisp hi hat take the lead as deep bass wubs hint to the maddness laying ahead. Energy and tension build with galloping snares as these two producers issue forth the first drop. Wide warm bass pulses, punctuated with the infamous 28mm horns melting the listeners in to a sea of movement. Dancing relentlessly grinning ear to ear, we plunge into the sizzling bass swell rich break down. Drop two sees unique percussive samples laced tightly within the groove as this EP comes to a close with grace.

We caught up with 28mm to find out what he’s been up to, and the background to these new releases.

Hanz Ford: Hello 28mm, how has your fall been so far?

28mm: Fall has been super productive in terms of music. Already making plans for 2019!

HF: We covered 2 releases in this report, lets touch on Motion first, how did you hook up with Jackson Records?

28mm: When I was living out in LA last year I managed to break into different House/Techno collectives, and the Jacksons were the first. They used to throw this monthly event in North Hollywood, and they liked my sound enough to let me spin a few. Fast-forward a year and Jackson Records became a reality. I had ‘Motion’ right at the ready and thought it was a perfect fit. (Absolutely!)

HF: Your latest release on Drip Drop Records ‘Extrasensory’ EP, is fantastic, how did you link up with this label?

28mm: I had been following the label for a little bit watching producer friends like FlipstiK and Lick releasing quality stuff. I remember only having ‘Juno’ done and emailed it over as a single. The Drip Drop team loved it and definitely wanted more, so I managed to throw together ‘Extrasensory’ and ‘There’ as a collab with FlipstiK to complete the EP.

HF: You played at the Dissociate 008 this past Friday , How did the show go?

28mm : I played the 1am slot with mostly unreleased originals which was really satisfying hearing the work I’ve put in the past few months on a larger system. Being able to see how the crowd responds to them gave me a huge boost in confidence that these are ready to sign off.

HF: How much time do you spend preparing for a show? any advice for people looking to start DJing?

28mm : Once you’ve had a few shows under your belt, it doesn’t take much time to prepare. I’ll usually just do a little research on the event/venue to get an idea of what type of crowd I’ll be playing to. This helps me organize a playlist of tracks I should be selecting from that night. Practice makes perfect too, so I’ll definitely take a day to DJ on my own and keep myself loose. My biggest advice would be to get involved with the scene in your city. Go to shows, get to know the event organizers and promoters, but most importantly support the artists you see yourself DJing with.

HF: How did you land this gig?

28mm: Big shoutout to Dischetto, she’s a techno DJ/producer that runs the Dissociate events in NY. After being sent my music from Subdrive label owner Galbis; she put put me right on the lineup!

HF: Have you played with any of the other Dj’s before?

28mm: I’ve played with Adrian Hex once before sometime last year at TBA Brooklyn. He’s a super talented producer trying to push the boundaries of dark House and Techno. Definitely would keep an eye on him! ( We certainly will! )

HF: You are slotted in for another gig at Output next weekend, tell us the details!

28mm : The label Subdrive I mentioned before is having their first ever release party in the Panther Room at Output. We’re celebrating the EP release of Deep Tech producer Jordi. I’ll be playing a slightly deeper set, throwing down tracks in the same vein as ‘Motion’ and my collab with Sole Vale: ‘Kosmos’.

HF: What can we expect for the remainder of the year?

28mm: Definitely trying to squeeze in another show or two outside of NY, and of course some new music with labels like Subdrive, Understated, Deep Tech Los Angeles and ONOFF Recording before the year is up!

What a big year for this producer: multiple releases, a growing resume of gigs, with more to come! Check out 28mm’s LV artist page for his socials, latest news and podcast episode.