July 9, 2018

Artist Radar: 'Jaded', Kryojen

July 6th saw the 4th release for label Curvv, and Limitless Vibrations has picked it up on our radar. Kryojen also offers us a sonic treat!

By: Hanz Ford

Kryojen (aka KVIII aka Allan Eggert) is a trap/ house producer out of the West Coast of Canada. Musically trained in violin and piano, he utilizes his knowledge in music theory to bring us a colourful blend of house melodies laced over tight trap beats. ‘Jaded’ is the second release for Kryojen and 4th release on newly co-founded label Curvv. I was able to grab some words from Allan, to get some insight for us all.

Hanz Ford: How long have you been producing and why the two Aliases?

Kryojen: I’ve been producing for about 6 years now, mostly as a hobby but recently turning to more serious full time work. Kryojen was my first alias where I actually started working on building a musical identity. KVIII followed, initially as a collaborative project but now solo, as a way for me to explore a different musical path.

Starting out with atmospheric pads and a heavenly flute to take the lead, energy builds with tight percussive elements and vocal chops to a triumphant drop. Brass horns blast the soundwaves, casually warping to sweeten the deal crowning the first climax.  The return of the angelic flute ushers forth the lush break down which re-builds back into the modern symphony of software saxophones . Check it out

HF: How did Jaded come together?

K:  Jaded started with me exploring brass sound design. I was playing around with melodies and one just stuck in my head for months. I finally decided to flesh it out into an entire track which became Jaded! After that melody came together the track really wrote itself! It took a few more months of tweaking and letting it sit before I was really ready to release it.

One of the most fascinating aspects to music creation is how much a project can evolve from the very beginning to the mastered final product. Kryojen has offered a clip of an earlier rough edit of ‘ Jaded’  exclusivley here on Limitless Vibrations Artist Radar!


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