July 5, 2018

Artist Radar: Foxhunt's 'farewell'...

Team LV favourite and former podcast guest Foxhunt is going on hiatus but it won't be the last we hear from the creative mind behind the alias...

By: SierraOskar

Hanz wanted to start this companion site for the LV podcast to invest more time supporting up-and-coming artists he, we and you care about. That said, it’s with sadness that one of our first follow-ups is about a possible end-point, as UK Complextro producer Foxhunt announced his intention to take a step back from that specific avenue of his creativity.

You can read all about it in his own words, at the tweet below:

Many of us first encountered Foxhunt as he reached the semi-finals of the deadmau5 Masterclass Competition with his epic, carefully crafted track Dancing With Wolves. As one of a select few making Complextro, he wowed us with beautiful, cinematic melodies, clean but powerful mixes and an attention to detail that comes with the territory in that genre [NB: You can hear Hanz’s impassioned praise for his deep discography in Episode 3 of LV] … But more than this, as we became more familiar with him, the producer behind it all revealed himself to be generous and considerate - with his time, feedback and production wisdom.

The good news to take from this is that Foxhunt will continue to express his talent through other channels. Given the quality of his Kiro side-alias, we’re pleased to see more coming from that direction and the soundtrack work he has teased for [Sonic fan-game] Project Sanctuary is an exciting, new angle to his work. But as far as Foxhunt goes, the headline is:

…After the next Foxhunt release on Exobolt 005, expect at least a year of nothing on that alias, as I’m unsure as to when and if I will return to using it. I’m still working on new stuff, but I think it’s time to go back to being small time for me.


So, as we bid (maybe-temporary/ maybe-forever) farewell to Foxhunt and wish him all the very best with what comes next, I wanted to share just three of our favourite things about this memorable talent:

Classic Foxhunt #1: His entertaining and insightful Complextro tutorial

Classic Foxhunt #2: His frequently hilarious and insightful, always helpful Twitch feedback streams

Watch Feedback Stream from foxhuntelectronic on www.twitch.tv

Classic Foxhunt #3: Finding out that his Technical Difficulties collaboration with Moki was recorded live. Mind blown.