July 30, 2018

Artist Radar: Foxhunt rolls out a patreon!

Supporting your favourite artists is what it's all about!

By: Hanz Ford

In today’s digital age, it has become an increasingly difficult thing for artists to make a living from their craft. The reasons are well known and not needed to be discussed here BUT to the fortune of artists today there is a platform that offers direct fan-/peer-to-artist support. This of course is Patreon.

Most of us are familiar with the website, but for those who are unfamiliar. Patreon is a platform where an individual offering a product or service can set up a payment system directly with its fan or consumer base, usually with different tiers of rewards for the more one pledges.

Today we would like to give a formal shout out to LV familiar and friend Foxhunt (aka Kiro)! He just launched his own patreon with the hopes of building a strong relationship with those who decide to support him most! Although being open ended to as how much one can pledge, Foxhunt offers several tiers with corresponding perks and goodies. Let’s take a look at them!

The Bassline 3$

This perk gets you access to the VIP room on my discord server.

You also get, ya know, every single track I self-release, past, present, or future. This includes everything on my Bandcamp page. That’s right! Every album, EP and single for only $3 a month!

The Foxpack 5$

You’ll get everything featured in the “Bassline” perk, as well as access to any remix stems I make and access to track ideas and WIPs.

The Producers 10$

You get all of the above perks as well as any samples, one shots, and serum presets I create. I have a couple of analogue synths and I enjoy messing around with them, and often those sounds will go un-used in tracks, so you will receive them as part of this reward.

You’ll also get an extended written piece of feedback of a track/piece of work per-month. Think feedback stream, only much more in-depth.

The One -on- One 25$

As well as previous perks, you will get a 30 minute discord conversation with me where we can discuss production, I can offer feedback on tracks, or talk about whatever you want (so long as it doesn’t get weird xd)

Just know I don’t know absolutely everything when it comes to electronic music, but I’ll know where to point you when it comes to gaps in my own knowledge.

The Undead 50$

Once again, you will receive all previous perks. In addition, I will re-mix one of your own tracks (of your own choosing). The rights to this remix will be fully your own and you are able to do with it as you wish.

This is a one-time perk.

Foxhunt is known for his constructive and brutally honest feedback in his Twitch feedback sessions, but one can only imagine the invaluable knowledge you could gain from direct feedback sessions with this talented individual. I myself have pledged, as I believe in the concept of the platform and in Foxhunt!

If this has piqued your interest, check the Patreon here.

You can also check out Foxhunt’s Limitless Vibrations artist page, for all his socials and any associated articles!