July 15, 2018

Artist Radar: 'Beyond', Sole Vale

Our radar has detected rays of nostalgia coming from a favourite among the LV team...

By: Hanz Ford

Sole Vale has been known to lead his listeners into the brighter realms of electronic music after long journies through desolate lands of oblivion. A welcomed walk down the lane of nostalgia with classic electro house and progressive vibes. ‘Beyond’ sets the mood with deep synth chords rising to the surface and up into the cosmos as a triumphant lead announces its own existence to the great beyond. Plucks dance to and fro sprinkled by beautifully placed subtle piano notes leaving the listener dancing, lost in the memories of youth. A perfect tune to start your day off with, Enjoy!

I had the fortune of catching up with our friend, to talk about the track and what he has been up to

Hanz Ford: How has your summer been brother?

Sole Vale: Summer has been pretty decent so far, wish I had some more time to enjoy it more. Have been working steady.

HF : What have you been listening to as of late?

SV : I’ve been listening to lots of 90’s music to be honest (lol) Super cheesy terrible throwback songs haha. I also have been really enjoying Imogen Heep lately, as well, Bad Computer, 28mm, and anything drumcode is always on the radar. ( as with ours ! )

HF : So how did this track come together?

SV : Well I haven’t made progressive house is a long time, been pretty much sticking with techno constantly but thought i’d just go back into prog for a little tune. Decided just to throw it out as a free download as it is somewhat off track from my typical stuff.

HF : I saw you describe this track as a sunny day before the storm comes, ‘Beyond’ certainly gives off the warmth and welcome of a sunny day, but what of this storm on the horizon?

SV : The calm before the storm haha Well I have tons of techno just sitting around at the moment that I’m planning to release as several EP’s. The first phase will come out next month! And calm before the storm is just in reference to nature. Typically if there is a big storm on the way and pressure systems are changing, there is usually a very calm time with no wind before the storm actually hits.

Enjoy ‘Beyond’ as we all prepare for the impending storm of techno on the horizon! and make sure to follow Sole Vale on all socials to be alerted first when the storm warnings begin!

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