July 12, 2018

Artist Radar: 'The Factory' EP, CastNowski

July 6th was a hot day for releases! CastNowski released a 3 track monster on Ghetto Ghetto Records

By: Hanz Ford

CastNowski is fast becoming a familiar name here at LV: to hear our conversation and his music deep dive check out Episode 07!

Summer is a busy time for DJs and Producers and CastNowski is no exception. July 6th saw this incredible EP release, and July 7th you could see the man opening for Confession’s Angelz alongside fellow artist CYMN at Newspeak night club located in Montreal, Quebec. The 247 grind in full effect.

He had stated in our interview he was excited for this release on Ghetto Ghetto Records for he supported the management’s vision for the label. Founded in 2017 by Julius Jetson, Ghetto Ghetto Records strives to be a label for the streets, releasing hip hop influenced house music and adding a perfect addition to the catalogue with this gargantuan 3 track EP.

Track one is a heavy collaboration with Brazilian tech house Duo UnFit titled ‘Dolla Bills’. This one starts off with  zany melodies, instantly igniting interest for the sounds that lie ahead. Energy builds with bold chords and a heavy sub line as the track crescendos. A signature CastNowski drop with wild bass shots and heavy undertones push this track to the limits. CastNowski & UnFit begin this EP with a bang.

Track two titled ‘Pop & Rock’ keeps the energy pumping with stuttering chords, knocking bass fills and sharp percussions. Vocal chops and risers begin the ascent up the energy scale as we are met with a flaming drop riddled with unique sounds and grooves. Another perfect example of CastNowski’s unique style of G house.

The finale to this EP is a collaboration with Montreal-based duo Wanden titled ‘Feel It’ . Crushing bass punches our ears right from the get go setting the mood for the madness to come.  A spacey and melodic breakdown washes over the listener like walking into an Air conditioned room on a hot day. As the energy builds it gives the sense this moment of chilled soundscapes is about to burn down with the heat of the impending drop. Senses prove correct as the track drops into a blistering groove of growling bass and catchy synth shots. A perfect way to crown The Factory EP.

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