August 5, 2018

Artist Radar: 'Forever In Your Heart', Kozmoz (Sysdemes Remix)

Our radar detected new sounds coming from a familiar source!

By: Hanz Ford

Tuesday July 24th our radar alarms went off in full force as Sysdemes dropped his remix of Kozmoz’s Forever in your Heart. A familiar name here at LV, Sysdemes has appeared twice on the podcast, Episode 1 with fellow producer D.O and Episode 6 with Rhyot (we promise he will have his own episode!).

Thus far we have been hearing his signature melodic techno, with it’s slighty detuned leads and matching bass lines, the sound many of us have grown fond of from Sysdemes. That said, a beautiful truth about creativity is that the only constant is change. Music is a perfect example of this truth. Listen to any of your favourite artist’s music catalogue and it will become apparent, the evolution of sound unfolding with each release. Sysdemes has opened a new door, to a new world of sounds. A sound he brilliantly debuted with this remix.

If I could compare this track to a real life event, it would be a wrecking ball into your living room. Wide pads loom in the distance as a winding lead pulls forth the scraping sounds of the madness to ensue. The drop breaks down the front door sending shards of samples and noises through the air as the beauty of the destruction taking place is highlighted with the ghostly vocal samples. As the dust clears in the breakdown, the senses are given a moment to recalibrate as you assess the damage done Forever in your Heart. The wrecking ball of basslines return as the last remaining structures are obliterated by the wall of sound leaving you at the mercy of this remix.

As always, enjoy!

I caught up with our friend, to gain some further insight into this new sound

Hanz Ford: How has your summer been so far?

Sysdemes: My summer has been pretty good! Lots of producing, took a few trips… definitely one of my better summers.

HF : How did you link up with Kozmoz?

S: I have known him for a few years, we live in the same neighborhood and we are good friends. He approached me along with a few other local producers for official remixes. Davvel also lives just a few minutes from us.

HF: What was your approach for this track?

S: I knew that I was remixing for a dubstep artist, and everyone else doing a remix was a dubstep artist. I didn’t want to be the odd man out with some melodic techno thing so I went ahead with something dark and bass heavy. I wanted it to fit in the remix EP. Everything from sound design, to mixing, to mastering I did differently for this track.

( HF: Excited to hear those! )

HF: This is a new sound for you, can we expect more in this style?

S: You can definitely expect more tracks in this style moving forward. It was a ton of fun to produce and people have been receptive to it, despite it being kind of different. Its very slow at 62 bpm, but it resonates with people.

HF: What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

S: To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. I’m juggling a few different musical paths and trying to get each one perfect before release. I can say that there should be at least 3-4 tracks coming out with Emercive before the year is up. My mau5trap debut also comes out later this year, so keep an eye out for that.

I know I can speak for many when I say we are awaiting eagerly for all these and make sure to check out his Limitless Vibrations artist page for his socials, tracks and any related news!