July 26, 2018

Seismic Activity: (EMRCV009) 28mm, 'Re: Companion' EP

Our sensors screamed on Friday the 13th with Emercive's latest release...

By: Hanz Ford

July 6th, 28mm had his debut Emercive release with his Companion EP, which will be explored and previewed in his episode of Limitless Vibrations coming August 1st! To the surprise of many ( myself included) the following friday Emercive released an earth shaking remix compilation of Companion. Redux Saints and Chris Simon craft their own takes on the EP title track, with LUNR and Rhyot offer us blazing remixes to What Do You Call It.

In talking with 28mm, while gathering information for the show, I asked him about how the EP came to be and he stated:

I made a post on my personal facebook asking if anyone wanted the stemsI got back like 9 remixes and chose the strongest 4…was super hard to choose from haha, got some talented friends

Our radars almost broke when this dropped and I had the fortune of grabbing a few words from some of the remixers! So let’s dive into it…

Chris Simon

Starting off the remixes is Chris Simon with his take on Companion. Head of Pfieffer Label, Chris weaves rich textures and lush melodies into the original creating a sensational experience that bleeds groove into your core making you move. Beginning with a similar minimal vibe to the original, Chris seeps new sounds and rhythms into the mix like small creeks joining a larger river. Long drones roll around fluttering arps, melding a powerful start to the compilation.

Hanz Ford : Tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you been DJing/producing for?

Chris Simon : I got into DJing as a kid in middle school but was never very serious until I discovered production around 18 and just fell in love. It’s been 7 years since the first time I sat down with Ableton. It’s been a long journey through schools, internships, and studio jobs.

HF : Interested to hear of this journey, tell us about your path so far.

CS : I first went to college at USC for a degree in Philosophy. But after teaching myself Ableton for months alongside doing regular school I enrolled at Icon Collective for night classes. After I graduated Icon I worked as an assistant for an amazing producer doing pop stuff named Tyler Johnson. That was a huge turning point for me because it opened my mind a lot to the world of production outside of dance music. I also interned at a company called Mophonics specializing in licensing music for TV and movies. At this point I knew I wanted to work in music but USC wasn’t letting me into their music program or letting me appeal their decision. So I left school to pursue it. I moved to Portland to work with another Pop producer as well as doing lots of traditional engineer and assistant work on an 48 channel SSL J-series. In the meantime I was always working on my own music, and when I moved back to LA a few years later I had about 300 demos and finally had enough confidence to try sending some out.

HF : How did you link up with 28mm?

CS : I met Christian at an Icon Collective Showcase I played a while back. He recognized a bunch of the tracks I played and we just kinda hit it off. Techno is kinda like that. Not too many kids from Icon make house and techno styles, or at least not when I went there, so it was dope to meet someone with similar taste and production sensibilities.

HF : How did you approach this remix?

CS : For the Companion remix I wanted to do something with a bit of melody injected, while keeping it quite minimal and hypnotic. I work with hardware so I kind of got some raw 909s going and then just let the machines do the talking. Ended up being a lot of SH-101, Prophet 6, and Moog Voyager. As well as the absolutely rad vocal, of course.

HF : What can we expect from you for the remainder of the year?

CS : The rest of this year will see a couple more releases on my label Pfeiffer, including a really amazing one in September from U.K. legends Waze & Odyssey. Got a remix for them coming with that on a bit more of a house tip. Lots and lots of big things are slated for early 2019 including some nice releases I can’t announce just yet… so stay tuned!

Redux Saints

Premiered by 6AM and coming in with the second remix on EP title track Companion, is Redux Saints . A recent alumni of the infamous Icon Collective, first american graduate of the Toolroom Academy Masterclass, founder of DeepTech LA, AND the head of Krafted Underground records, Jason Miller aka Redux Saints is well on his way to a fruitful career.

A powerful kick punches through the mix like a jack hammer in slow motion while the minimalistic canvas of Companion leaves a wide space for Redux Saints to wash etheral pads over the groove complimented by mysterious sounds and driving leads. To remix a minimalist track is a challenge at best, but Redux Saints meets this challenge with grace conjuring a brilliant rendition to an already amazing track. Enjoy…


Next is Montreal, Quebec based producer LUNR with his remix of What Do You Call It. Working as an audio engineer and sound designer, we first heard LUNR with his debut collaborative release on Mau5trap with friend and mentor Eekkoo, a “dream come true” in the words of LUNR himself.

Adding an avanlanche of energy to the original with colourful arppeggios and sizzling synths LUNR comes out swinging with the third remix on this EP. Starting out with distant leads slowly emerging to usher forth the base grove of the track, LUNR begins his work building an engaging soundscape for the listener as we are gifted with another colossal addition to this compilation.

Hanz Ford: Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you get into music production and how long have you been at it for?

LUNR: I always had a passion for sound and music. I had my first walkman when I was about 8 years old and I fell in love with making my own mixtapes and stuff. I could spend hour searching the FM waves for tunes… Then my dad got me my first music making software called MIXMAN back in early 2000’s. It was a loop based software and loads of fun! That pretty much hit it off for me… I’ve been producing music since I was a teen. Started out making hiphop/rap beats for fun. Use to freestyle on them with my friends (LOL). Back then techno and electronic music wasn’t my thing. But then my friend brought me to my first electronic music show, which was a Deadmau5 show back in 2008 I think… It just blew my mind! Started making electronic music ever since!

HF: How did you link up with 28mm and Emercive?

L: I linked up with 28mm through socials after my release with Mau5trap. He was looking for people to remix his track so I volunteered. It was a tight deadline but I had much fun doing it.

I also linked up with EMERCIVE through socials. I really enjoy what they’ve been putting out and I am pretty happy to have joined them. Looking foward to more releases with EMERCIVE!

H: How did you approach this remix?

L: I just dived right in, played around with the MOOG and had fun with the mix. I was aiming for something heavy and energetic. I think I managed to do just that. (HF: ABSOLUTELY)

HF: What can we expect from you for the rest of the year and beyond?

L: Well I have my first SOLO EP coming in october, really looking foward to that! I have been finishing up a collab EP that is going to be awesome. I got a couple of other releases and collabs lined up so I’m pretty excited for the near future!

We all look forward to hearing all this!


Closing out this incredible remix compilation is Emercive label head and LV friend Garret Finn aka Rhyot. Known to have long sweeping intro’s, building atmosphere and tension before hitting us with the kick, Rhyot’s remix of What Do You Call It is no exception. A deep bouncing bass marches us along a corridor of synths and soft melodies, leading us to bright plucks as the fusion of 28mm percussions and Rhyot’s rhythms take full affect. The kick beats away as full plucks fill the gaps of the original minimal vibe, while wide wubbing sub lines pulse groove with every note. A solid finale to a solid EP, Enjoy

Hanz Ford : How did you approach the remix?

Rhyot : I approached the track by listening multiple times to find components unique and identifiable to the production, and took the approach ‘i’m doing a mostly original track’… The intro was a halftime of the break, and was originally strings before being converted to analogue multitrack recordings, so I wanted to incorporate as much analog as possible with my moog, and fit almost a techno feel, while TECHNICALLY making a progressive house track with techno elements. They got layered over to create the polyphonic melody… went for the 80s feel to the intro. It was actually the first time I had done that kind of thing with a synth driving the tempo on those lower 14 notes.

HF : What can we expect from you as well as Emercive for the remainder of the year?

R : In the next year, for me, not totally sure. Couple collabs in the works, which is also new for me as Rhyot. I’m looking to do an ep going into the winter, but nothing is for certain in that. For Emercive CV2 this fall, but otherwise keeping a tight circle with big tracks

Our team will be activley awaiting Converge Vol 2! With the latest additions to the roster, it will be no doubt a behemoth for the ears.

As with all the artists highlighted today, we are excited to hear what’s to come! Make sure to follow all their socials to stay in the loop with these talented indviduals!

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