December 12, 2018

Artist Radar: Egosphere, Kiro

Seismic warning sirens are blaring in LV Towers as Kiro treats us to an album-length, genre-spanning statement of intent with Egosphere...

By: SierraOskar

August 10, 2018

Artist Radar: 'Corruptorator', Kiro

By: SierraOskar

SierraOskar reviews the latest throbbing techno-payload from Kiro and chats to him about techno, the Novation Peak and some other interesting tidbits...

August 3, 2018

Seismic Activity: Feyln, Toronto

By: SierraOskar

SierraOskar and Feyln achieve the singularity and discuss the up-and-coming Toronto producer's views on why failing is good, the importance of feedback and robots...

August 1, 2018

LV008: 28mm

By: SierraOskar

Listen as Hanz chats to Brooklyn-based techno producer 28mm about his journey (including his inspiring time at Icon Collective and his work with Deep Tech LA) and some of the production know-how that delivers that clean, loud sound...